Monday Mantra: Rest Up


Getting my nails done in Valentine’s colors today was the highlight of a gloomy Monday. I wrote out my training plan yesterday, it has now been scrapped after I went to physiotherapy today. I have a compensation injury going on which means an injury on one side is causing the other to compensate and then I present with pain. So the plan this week is lots of physio, physio exercises, yoga and REST! Hence, why it’s my mantra this week!

When I asked my physiotherapist about exercising this week she looked at me like I was crazy and maybe I am a little. She told me normally people have to be begged to go to the gym. I told her I haven’t met a normal runner yet. Haha I know I’ll be climbing the walls come midweek I’ll probably even miss the elliptical, but I need to do follow the rules and take the week off, so that’s what I’ll do.

How do you stay sane when forced to rest?

Do you change your nails based on the holiday? What’s your fav color?

What was your workout today? I’ll live vicariously through everyone else!

4 thoughts on “Monday Mantra: Rest Up

  1. UMMMM your nails are soooo beautiful šŸ˜€ and I don’t know how I would stay motivated in your situation….maybe just enjoy the rest to it’s full potential. So in time slots where i’d run or workout I’d watch a disney movie or have a nice hot bath. read a great book…maybe I’d even rent a video game (which I haven’t played in YEARS)

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