It’s Good to Hit the Mat



So today I finally got back on my mat at home with a yogamazing podcast plus another iPad podcast that wasn’t very good at all. Nothing beats Chaz for at home podcasts! Once I got going into my sun salutations I remembered why I love yoga. By the time I got into pigeon pose I remembered why I needed it:


1. My runner’s muscle’s NEED to be stretched: As I slid into pigeon pose my hips were so tight I could barely hold it. Muscles that tight are an injury waiting to happen. When I tweaked my IT band back in September I had slacked off on yoga due to high mileage, exactly when I shouldn’t have slacked off. The more I run the tighter my muscles get, yoga is the solution to keep my muscles stretched and injury-free.


2. It’s a great change of pace: I love to run, I don’t need to tell you that, but it’s nice to have variety in my workout to always keep it interesting. I am always up for trying something new so changing up my workout with yoga is a great way to do that. If you haven’t tried yoga in the past give it a shot, you may be surprised at how much you love it. I find variety to be motivating, hence why it is one of my resolutions to try a new class this year!


3. It helps me relax: My life is hectic, I am the first to admit it. Yoga is the time I take to myself to stretch and quiet my mind and enjoy the moment. I do that so little in my life that being able to take the time to do so is important. Healthy living is not just about running miles or lifting weights, it is about reducing stress and finding balance, yoga helps me achieve just that! Finding balance is important to me, after all I named my blog after it. Smile


If you’re a yogi, favourite pose?

What’s your favourite way to change up your usual routine?

How do you relax?

Any yoga podcast suggestions?


Canadian Bloggers: After the #fitblog chat on blogging tonight I was thinking it could be fun to do a Canadian blogger guest post series. If your interested in discussing send me an email hlmmurphy at gmail dot com.

8 thoughts on “It’s Good to Hit the Mat

  1. Thanks for your post! Yes, lots of suggestions of how to change the routine, but as yoga is as much a mental than a physical exercise, the most challenging thing will be to stick to the routine, day after day (like Ashtanga, for example). It’s like a moving meditation 🙂

  2. I really needed this reminder! I do not get enough stretching in to balance the miles, and I’ve been meaning to work yoga in, it just doesn’t happen. I am determined to get to a class soon!

    • I know what you mean, I find I have to schedule it in to make it happen or it just falls off the wagon and it’s SO important! Good luck getting back at it!

  3. Hi Heidi,

    Saw a tweet that you sent out and Amber retweeted about Canadian healthy living bloggers. Not sure how it works, but would love to be involved 🙂

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