Workout Plan In Progress

I work much better on a plan that the internet knows about so I am held accountable so I figured I’d post this anyways, better late then never. I managed 17 miles without a plan over Christmas break week, which is not bad at all. I really kind of enjoyed running without a plan for a little while. But I find I am more successful with one, when I don’t plan there are no speed or interval workouts which is really important to half-marathon training so it’s good to be back on one. Who am I kidding? I love a good workout plan so here it is:


Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Run (Minutes) OFF 46 min 45 min 40 min 40 min
Elliptical / Arc (Min) 35 min
Class Yoga


I have done Tuesday and Wednesday and hopefully the weather holds up for tomorrow for me to head out in the AM. I am really hoping I can head out, I love running outside way more then the treadmill especially now that I have my Garmin to play with!  I am really concentrating on JUST running this week, being back to work to work after holidays and getting back on a schedule is enough. I’ll be throwing in strength training next week and I cannot wait to get back to Body Pump.


I have been doing really well on my resolution to get my IT band back to 100%, I’ve been doing my physio everyday. Smile I think I may try foam rolling on it as well, anyone have any suggestions on sizes, types, or exercises? It can’t hurt to try!


Foam rollers – advice please?!

Do you prefer working with a workout plan or without it?


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