What I At Wednesday #5: The Christmas Cookie Detox

I am so excited it is Wednesday, halfway done a short week! The first week back to work after holidays is never fun so I am just trying to get through it. So lets get right to it, what I ate today, Wednesday!




My day started off with an egg white sandwich on a multigrain bun with OJ. Followed up with a coffee and soy milk that I had pretty much finished on my way to work. Coffee was needed today!




For lunch today I had a whole wheat wrap with lots of chicken and veggies. On the side I had grape tomatoes and hummus and after lunch a coffee! Before heading to the gym this afternoon I had half of a peanut butter cliff bar.


For supper Bruce made a delish chicken fried rice with chicken, long grain rice, tons of veggies, egg whites, soy sauce and epicure stir-fry seasoning. Epicure has such great low sodium products!




After dinner I had coffee and a couple pieces of Terry’s chocolate orange – yum!




It was a good day of eating and workouts. I am slowly starting to feel like myself again which is good, while it’s tough being back to work after holidays, I enjoy being on a regular schedule again.


Best thing you ate today?

How do you get back on track after the holidays?

Favourite snack?

6 thoughts on “What I At Wednesday #5: The Christmas Cookie Detox

  1. Visiting from wiaw! Mmm, haven’t made fried rice in a long time… that looks really good! I’m finally feeling like I’m getting back on track after the holidays, too. Favorite snack is anything with nut butter & raisins on top, usually a banana or rice cake. 🙂

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