A Little Inspiration

I really didn’t want to run today, like really really REALLY did not want to run. I was running on 4 hours sleep and was just done by the end of the work day. After ten days of late nights, sleeping in, and too many cookies my body was in absolute shock at having to get up so early. In fact, I planned to run this morning but I turned off my alarm and have no recollection of it.

As the end of the work day neared I began to find myself making up excuses. I too tired, first day back to work is always hard, what if I just exhaust myself more blah blah blah. I had a 46 minute interval run on the schedule and knew that was not near long enough of a workout to exhaust myself but the excuses persisted.

I even emailed my friend the running coach to tell him I was throwing in the towel on today. I missed my morning run and now I am too tired was my excuse. As I hit send I thought you know what? Half the battle is getting there. Get in the car, drive to the gym, put on your cute new outfit, and get on the treadmill (it was way to dark out to consider going outside). If after 15 minutes your not feeling it then give up. But don’t give up without giving it a fair shot. I’m training for a half-marathon, 13.1 miles is a lot of miles and it’s going to be hard. Not every workout will or should be easy.

So I went and after 15 minutes, actually after about 5 I hit my stride. I was feeling good and pushed through my first 4.31 sweaty miles of 2012. I was so happy I had went, nothing like the feeling of sore legs after not working out for a while. It was a lesson in knowing what my limits are. I know when I am too tired to run but there is a difference between being exhausted and being tired and using it as an excuse. My workout energized me for the rest of the night whereas if I didn’t go I would have just came home and been sleepy all night.

I think sometimes we all need a little ass kicking to get ourselves in gear and a little positive pep talk never goes astray. I am ready to take on my half-marathon training after my great run today, I can’t wait to keep on running!

How do you motivate yourself to workout when you really don’t want to?


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