Christmas 2011: A Recap

I thought it would be nice to share some of the highlights of my Christmas. It really was great this year, lots of time with friends and family plus lots of relaxation time! First of all here is our tree Christmas morning surrounded by presents (we aren’t spoiled at all).




Bruce really did spoil me rotten this year. He got me a new straightening iron, Garmin, running clothes, tons of books, movies, slippers, clothes, chocolate, and so much more!




My parents gave me some great gifts as well, the most thoughtful was the 2 charms for my charm bracelet. They were both beautiful! Bruce’s mom gave me Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook Meals in Minutes which I can’t wait to dig into! Of course both his and my family spoiled us as well with lots of house ware and kitchen gifts, we only bought our house 2 years ago this month so those kind of gifts are much appreciated!


Over the holidays, which aren’t over for me until Jan 3, I did lots of reading, watching movies, and relaxing. This is my continued plan until Jan 3. haha I even did a little running, including a 10K race.




We attended many holiday parties, including a family Christmas day party in a basement. So much fun!




I did lots of eating, including 2 turkey dinners, Christmas brunches with 2 families, lasagne, and so much more. I was committed to Christmas eating, I am not a quitter! I think that indulging over the holidays with no guilt is important. Worrying about it does nothing, so while I think the posts about how to eat healthy during the holidays are great it just isn’t for me. If I want to eat cookies for breakfast at Christmas I am going to! It comes just once a year!


What I enjoyed most about this Christmas was really taking the time to enjoy it, spending lots of time relaxing with friends and family. We drove around last night drinking hot chocolate and looking at all the beautiful lights. Hopefully we’ll get to go on a night time walk through the park this weekend to see the lights there. Tomorrow will be spent entertaining some more friends and family who are coming to visit. The gifts are great and I am so thankful but time spent with those you love is what Christmas is all about!


How did you spend your holidays?

What was your favourite gift?

Any new user tricks you can tell me about my new Garmin? I just learned about autolap!


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