What I Ate Wednesday: Christmas Edition

It’s time for What I Ate Wednesday, my eats this week will be  little different due to Christmas holidays! I tend to eat small portions more often and end up snacking …alot haha




I started my day with a quick breakfast before heading out on the highway back to the city!





After driving home and unpacking I made some sandwiches for myself and Bruce. Turkey, tomato, apple wood bacon, monetary jack cheese, and mayo on whole wheat with pickles! After lunch I had another coffee and some Terry’s Chocolate Orange, my favourite Christmas chocolate!






That coffee was my first with soy milk in days as I forgot to bring my soy milk to Bruce’s moms! I don’t mind black coffee but prefer it with milk. After my elliptical workout this afternoon I snacked on a crumpet and some water.




This afternoon I attended a wedding shower where I snacked on veggies, a small bowl of chicken soup, 1/2 an egg sandwich, and 1/2 of a chocolate chip cookie all of which went un-pictured. Later in the evening Bruce made stir-fry, I wasn’t very hungry after the shower so I just had a small bowl.




Favourite Christmas Chocolate?

Do you eat differently over the holidays?

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