Home for the Holidays 10K

So after a tapering of cookies and wine the last 2 days I attempted the Home for the Holidays Virtual 10K. I read about this race on Carrots n’ Cake and signed up for it at the very last minute on Thursday. I wanted to do it but had our Holiday party of Friday and then a day of family stuff on Saturday and again on Sunday. I didn’t know how I would manage to fit it in but I figured I would attempt it on Boxing Day here in Canada which is today! I am currently in Fox Harbour, where Bruce is from. It is a very small community so I was the only participant in this race today here! haha It’s was a frosty –3.6 Celsius when I headed out.




What I was most excited for with this race was the chance to try out all my new running gear I got for Christmas! I got to use my new Garmin 305, Bondi Band, and my warm base layers by atmosphere which work awesome! I love all my new running things I got for Christmas. I’ll do a review on it all at some point but believe me I was spoiled rotten this year and my Christmas isn’t even over yet as I am doing Christmas at my Dad’s on Thursday!



I headed out to the frosty roads of the harbour, one side of the harbour was very icy and the other the pavement was dry so I spent most of the race on the other side and walked the beginning and end on the icy side due to it looking like this.


2011-12-26 14_38_05


I took some gorgeous shots throughout my race, it really was a gorgeous day despite the frosty temperatures, I was cozy the entire time in my new gear. The only time I got cold was when I walked the last half mile.


2011-12-26 14.01.28


So I finished my first ever 10k race in 1:11:17, a respectable time in my opinion as I am still recovering from my IT band injury and have never managed that distance before. I have no idea how to see my splits on my Garmin and haven’t set it up on my laptop yet but I know my best mile was 7:49 which is great. I did walk occasionally just to make sure I didn’t make my IT band worse and walked at the beginning and end due to ice.




I warmed up with a shower and a hot coffee soon as I got home and refuelled with a banana and some cashews! This race was a great way to make me feel like myself again after 4 days of indulging myself in food and relaxation. Believe me I didn’t feel one bit guilty about taking a few days off to myself but it was nice to get out for a run after a few days of being off. I hope this race happens again next year, it was a great way to stay active during the holidays. There is no way I would have went out running today if I didn’t sign up for this virtual 10K so thanks to those who organized it!


Did you participate in any holiday races this year?

Get any new running gear for Christmas?


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