Monday Mantra: Enjoy Every Second

I first of all want to say that Karl Wells was at my work today, judging a cookie competition! If you are not local then you have no idea who Karl Wells is but around these parts he’s a local food critic and weatherman aka kind of a big deal. haha I didn’t get a chance to bake cookies this weekend but I certainly enjoyed sampling my co-worker’s creations! My work is seriously the most fun!


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Speaking of fun, you know what’s really fun this time of year? Shopping….if your idea of fun is braving the crowds in minus ten degrees, with no parking, and those around you are in the most delightful of moods. A couple of weeks ago I was just really NOT feeling the Christmas spirit mostly due to shopping. Too many old men trying to run me down with shopping carts at Costco was making me get all philosophical. I kept saying to myself, really!?! is this REALLY what Christmas is about?! Believe me I love a gifts as much as the next person,  and I love giving them even more so shopping certainly is a requirement of Christmas and that’s fine with me. My issue lies in the fact that this time of year be it stress, the crowds, or the crazy amount of money spent turns normal human beings into idiots who forget what common human decency is about. That my friends is NOT what Christmas is about.


So before you think I’ve turned into a Grinch or worse yet have given up on the holidays altogether this story is going somewhere good. Last week I was waiting in yet another line up. I was on my lunch break and patiently waiting my turn to mail some cards at a post office. There was just one elderly woman ahead of me who had lots of packages and cards and then it was me. I just had 2 or 3 envelopes. When it was her turn to go she turned around to me and said sweetheart you go next, you look like you’re going back to work and I’m in no rush. I was shocked. It may seem like such a little thing – but to me, as jaded as I was with the season at that point, it turned my entire perception around. I felt like Cindy Lou Who when the Grinch turns it all around and she finally understands the meaning of Christmas. I of course told her I couldn’t possibly skip her in line and that I absolutely didn’t mind waiting but she insisted I go first. She made my day and my season a little brighter.


Religious beliefs aside, to me THAT is what Christmas should be about. The presents and the events that come a long with it are wonderful but what really matters is being kind to one and another and spending time with those you love. Whether that’s your friends, family, the family you create around you, or a stranger in a post office. So last week with the lady in the post office as my example I put a smile on my face and was kind to every stressed out person I met. I held doors, smiled and said thank-you to over-worked cashiers, let cars out ahead of me in traffic, and kept her in my mind as I went through my week. It is my belief that the one small act of kindness she did should always be paid forward. So along with my cheery attitude that probably made some shoppers cringe I went grocery shopping and  made a donation to my local food bank. I alluded to my mantra earlier in the week but wanted to fully discuss it here. My goal was to pay it forward and pass along a little bit of kindness into someone else’s Christmas. I will continue this goal throughout the season and I hope you will join me. You see I’m not perfect and I don’t claim to be, but I all think we could and should do something good for others when we can. I had forgotten that this Christmas and I am thankful I met stranger who reminded me.




Monday Mantra: Enjoy Every Second

I made it one of my 25 for 25 goals to slow down and enjoy the moment and that’s my mantra this week. I am going to enjoy every second of preparation for our Christmas party this Friday and then will enjoy every moment of the holidays this weekend. It may seem easy enough to do but for me being mindful of not rushing things along takes a lot of work so a little reminder this week will help. I hope it will also help you!


Did you do any acts of kindness over the holidays or receive any? I’d love to hear stories!


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