The Runner’s Christmas Wish List

The above video is of a local flash mob that happened just this weekend past at one of the malls in my city, I thought it was really nice and that I would share it with you! : ) So as the big day is fast approaching I am wrapping up my shopping and beginning the preparation of my house for Christmas. I don’t know how people with mansions do it, they must have help because I can barely clean and ready our home which isn’t big at all! There just feels like there is so much to do and no time to do it all! Anyways enough complaining I love this time of year! Smile I thought I’d share with you some of my running/fitness related wish list aka things I hope to get or will buy out of Christmas money my parents give me! Perhaps you will get some inspiration for your favourite fitness lover!

Garmin 305



I swear if I have to fumble with my phone to use GPS for one more outside run I may lose it. Not only is it annoying, it’s hard to use a touch screen in the cold with gloves on and it sucks having to hold your phone in your hand to check pace during speed sessions. This gadget is on every runners must have list, my friend the running coach swears by it!


Bondi Bands



I have heard nothing but great things about these heavy sweat wicking headbands. I have a whole lot of hair so I always wear headbands when I run!


Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong



I read that this book was great from SUAR, and then checked out some reviews. It looks like I would really enjoy this read the sub-title is the 26.2 most important reasons why women run, sounds good to me!


Run Your Heart Out Tights and Run For It Pullover




I live in Canada and it is winter, enough said. These are from lulu (as if you didn’t know).  I need good winter running clothes, I plan to buy these out of money my parents will give me for Christmas!


So that’s my must haves for running this Christmas, some of my other favourite gear is listed here. I have lots more non-running things on my Christmas wish list as well but I figured these items were more relevant! Smile


What’s on your wish list this year?


Update: This was my 100th post!! : ) How I missed the milestone I’ll never know but I am proud! : )

4 thoughts on “The Runner’s Christmas Wish List

    • Cheryl, been meaning to ask you how your half went, congrats on that!! What an experience it must have been to run the strip at night! Glad to hear you love the bondi bands, can’t wait to try them now! I bet you were the best dressed on the strip!! 🙂

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