A Random Update Post

So it has been a whirlwind week, tis the season!  Smile I wrote my final in my course last week so I am glad that is done but it took over my life for the week. However, it’s done and I am not doing another course towards my Master’s until at least September, I just graduated University so I am officially taking a break, lesson learned! Other then that end of quarter at work, Christmas shopping, and Christmas house preparation have taken over my life!


Last week I ran a huge three times, if you are really interested you can check out Daily Mile. Rather then attempt to post a mid-week running plan (I’ll get back to that next week) I will tell you that there is lots of running planned for this week. So far I have almost 9 miles in and it’s only Tuesday. Basically everything else aside from running has fallen to the way-side. But if I am running I am active and that’s all that matters. Over the next few weeks my goal is to keep moving in some form 5 days a week, not put too much pressure on myself, and eat as healthy as possible! This time of year is challenging with all the parties and eating and you may as well enjoy it. Just in moderation of course!


I will be back to a very well executed running and training plan first week of January. My friend the running coach and I have decided on my first race of 2012, the flat –out 5k on April 1. I will be attempting to PR from September’s 5K so in order to do that I will need to be healthy and finally get this nagging IT band fully healed. That’s just a little sneak preview into my goals for next year, more to come on that in the coming weeks!


I did my first track workout last week and actually enjoyed the change of pace, pardon the pun! Smile I have another one planned for tomorrow so lets see how that works out. Excuse the blurry photo below I was running and snapping pics all at once, pretty much looked crazy I am sure.


2011-12-07 18.04.10


My mantra from 2 weeks ago, veggie for a day, went really well! I am thinking about attempting more meatless Monday’s in 2012. I made Mama Pea’s black bean burgers and they were to die for, seriously if you don’t have her cookbook or need a gift for the foodie in your life pick it up! Vegan or not this book is awesome! But seriously going veggie for the day was not all that hard and kind of fun, it forced me to switch up my usual eating habits!


2011-12-05 20.45.45


This week’s Mantra is all about random acts of kindness! I will write more about my reasoning behind this mantra on Monday, it’s a sweet story believe me, but for now I will say that I am going to be trying to bring a little good will back into my Christmas this week, and all through the season! I encourage you to do the same!


So to sum this post up seems impossible – it’s pretty random! Keep running, enjoy the cookies, be kind to those you meet, and most of all I am glad to be back! Smile 


Share something random with me!

Any locals want to share their summer racing plans?

Not local? What distance are you aiming for in 2012?

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