Monday Mantra: Go Veggie For A Day

I first want to show you the torture I went through today at Costco on my lunch break. Apparently everyone has quit their job and they just go shopping every day, specifically at Costco.

2011-11-29 12.44.33


It was a madhouse today, people were in such a rush and most of them very rude. Remember the purpose of Christmas is to spread joy, kindness, and to let me get my groceries in peace. Want a peak in my basket? Yes those are chicken fingers. I make sure to always have something quick on hand when I need something on the run to avoid takeout and these ones are the best kind made with actual chicken breast. Other then that in my basket is Greek yogurt (2 kinds), roasted red pepper hummus, chicken breasts, chicken wings, bell peppers, bananas, margarine, cliff bars, coffee, parchment paper, paper towel, and aluminum foil. I stocked up because after today Costco will not be seeing me until January.


2011-11-29 12.44.25


So as an update on last week it went really well. I became involved in What I Ate Wednesday and it was a great addition to my involvement in the blog community. I loved reading everyone’s posts and seeing comments from those that read mine. I received a ton of traffic because of it and it really helped me feel like even more part of the community so it was a success. If anyone has any other suggestions for blog marketing / networking or has written any posts on it please let me know! I have something else in the works as well that hopefully I will share with you soon.


Monday Tuesday Mantra: Go Veggie For A Day

I have always wanted to challenge my eating habits by going vegetarian for a week. I think that’s probably a little too much to take on right now so I will commit to trying it out for a day and reporting back not only what I eat but how I felt and how my workout went. My inspiration for this Mantra was from A Dash of Meg’s Meatless Monday, her meatless meals always look so delish! I am thinking I will try it out either Thursday or Monday. Just as a side note I don’t think I will ever go fully vegetarian, just wanted to try challenging my eating habits, who couldn’t use more fruits and veggies in their diet! Smile


Are you a vegetarian or have you ever tried it out? Any recipes you’d like to share?

As always share your Monday Mantras with me! 


3 thoughts on “Monday Mantra: Go Veggie For A Day

  1. I’m pesco-veg. I eat fish maybe 2-3 times a month (just had salmon tonight. Yum!) I honestly don’t miss meat AT ALL and at this point in my life I don’t see myself ever having it again!

    I will admit that sometimes I cheat and have gravy though. I go for mushroom gravy when I can, but I just love gravy so I’ve had it a few times in the last 1.5 years since I went veg!

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