Workout Plan Nov 28–Dec 4

I left my house once the entire weekend. It was a little sad actually how much I enjoyed it. I am still not feeling myself so I pretty much did nothing. We had friends over for a quiet supper last night and that was the extent of my excitement. So because of that my results this week were terrible. I am not even going to bother doing a comparison for you. I ran three days:


Mon: 4.5 in 45 min on the elliptical
Tues: 4.31 in 45 min on the mill
Wed: 3.1 in 34 min outside


So that’s that, it happens and this week will be better hopefully, I am going to try to see my family doctor tomorrow. I didn’t meet my fitness goal this week either so I will try again this week. Motivation is hard to find this time of year anyways much less throwing in some sickness and not being able to do it. I needed a rest and I took it. I am ready to take on this week but my friend the running coach wanted to plan a light week for me so I am listening to his experience and going with it.


Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Minutes)   15 min 25 min (out)

30 min

  31 min (out)  
Elliptical / Arc (Min) 25 min 20 min     30 min    
Class  Yoga Body Pump Yoga Body Pump    Yoga Yoga
Swimming     1 Hour         


Fitness Goal

Yoga 4 times this week in some form.


Do you find it hard to feel motivated this time of year? How do you keep at it?

What are your fitness goals this week? For the end of the year?


2 thoughts on “Workout Plan Nov 28–Dec 4

  1. i recently switched up my fitness goals because I needed something NEW to keep the motivation up, you know? Instead of running X times a week, I am planning on running 60 miles total in Nov & Dec this year. It’s going well – I am at 23 so far, and I have been feeling REALLY excited to see the number go up 😉

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