7 Things

Hungry Runner Girl tagged everyone in the 7 things post that has been going around and I thought it would be fun to do. I have loved reading everyone else’s lists so I am also tagging everyone!


I am an only child with divorced parents who are now both remarried and very happy!


I used to be a blonde for about 8 years, but because of my massive amount of hair and the massive amount of maintenance I will never dye my hair again until it starts going grey! Which is hopefully a long time from now. I also have no idea who owns that cat. lol




Traveling is one of my most favourite things to spend my money on! I haven’t been on a plane since August and I am getting the itch to fly off somewhere soon. Preferably somewhere warm … with great shopping!




My second favourite thing to spend invest money on is shopping! I could spend the whole day in the mall, for real I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Von Mills in Ontario back in August. Power shopping is a sport in my opinion!




I am a proud Canadian but I spent 3 years (5 – 8) of my childhood in sunny Tampa Bay, Florida.


I secretly love snowstorms (even on the weekends), I’m not talking about 10 – 15 cm. I am talking about 40 cm shut the city down kind of snowstorms where you get to stay in the house all day reading and watching TV while cooking something wonderful!



Link to your 7 things posts in the comments!


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