Monday Mantra: Blog Research

First an update on last week. I definitely surpassed my veggie/fruit goal! I tracked it every night and most days ate at least 6 – 7 servings of veggies/fruits. I am back in the healthy eating mode after staycation and it should stick around until the Holidays. Which is when I am sure it will all go to hell. haha Such is life. Speaking of the holidays my Christmas shopping is officially started. In previous years I was a last minute girl. This year I have decided I am going out lunch time 3 days a week and getting at least one gift. It’s Tuesday and so far I have 2 gifts and all my Christmas cards. Success! I have my Christmas shopping list on my iPad and there is nothing more satisfying the checking something off everyday! More on the holidays in the upcoming week as I have some special holiday posts planned!


Monday Tuesday Mantra: Blog Research

I had a hard time coming up with a mantra this week. I have a paper due tomorrow, I’m tired, and I have a 47 minute run planned for tomorrow when the sun comes up. But I thought about it and realized I have been slacking lately on being current on blog trends, advertising, and anything related. My blog is a big part of my balance in life because it’s fun for me and a great way to reflect and relax so this week I will give it some attention as well as clean out my Google reader!


As always I’d love to hear your goals for the week!

I would like some mantra suggestions, only rule is they need to be related to finding the balance in life and healthy living!

If you are a blogger and reading this comment so I can add you to my Google reader! How do you market your blog?