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I should preface this with the statement that this will never be a blog where  I track every morsel that crosses my lips in photos and post about it. While I am fascinated by those blogs (Carrots ‘N’ Cake and Healthy Tipping Point) I just don’t have the time. They blog full time and I have a full-time job I love that’s not blogging so it’s just never going to happen! However, I thought it would be fun to try it out for one day just to give you an idea of what I eat regularly and to give you a glimpse of my day. Though it varies from day to day I tend to eat the same 5 or 6 things for breakfast, lunch, and snacks but dinner is where I try and get creative!


I usually do my cardio workout in the morning but I absolutely have to eat beforehand or I will hit the wall so to speak. Generally, I eat a combination of carbs and protein either oatmeal, oat bran, baked oatmeal (all with natural peanut butter), an egg white sandwich, or if I am rushing a bowel of Kashi with soy milk and a banana! I sometimes like to get creative with my oatmeal and oat bran flavours. Today I had banana oat bran with natural pb. The first thing I do every morning is eat and check my email and read blogs while eating.




After I eat it’s off for a run today, it was a gorgeous day out! My run should have been great but due not eating enough in the evening the day before I suspect, I felt like I was all out of energy. I find what you eat the day before has a big impact on performance. Lesson learned, make sure to get enough dinner! Just look at that sunrise! I did 3.2 miles in 35:17 which for me is slow. My splits that day were:

Mile 1: 10:30

Mile 2: 10:02

Mile 3: 11:22 (I was dying at this point)

2011-11-16 07.40.11


After working out I  try to eat something, generally a smoothie if I have time, but on this particular day my run was so awful and the thought of food made me sick to even think about. So I headed to work, drinking a coffee with soymilk on the way. I usually end up having a snack around midmorning or earlier depending on how hard the morning workout was. Usually I have fruit, a Cliff Bar, or a Greek yogurt. Today I had a Greek yogurt.




Lunchtime is either leftovers, a sandwich of various combinations of lean protein and veggies, a salad or if I am in a rush an Amy’s organic burrito that I keep on hand in the freezer. I usually also have veggies and hummus with lunch and a piece of dark chocolate which I love! I also have a coffee afterwards. Today’s lunch was a sandwich (on a multigrain bun, turkey, tomato, spinach. monterey jack cheese, hummus, and pickle) with carrots and hummus. No picture because I forgot that I was tracking my food that day, I would be the worst daily food blogger ever! haha I’ll let you just imagine how good it was!


Sometimes I snack in the afternoon and sometimes I don’t it really depends if I am working out after work (if I miss the morning) or if I am heading to do workout 2 of the day Body Pump, yoga, or swimming! If I do snack in the afternoon it is usually carbs in the form of whole grain crackers and natural nut butter or a Cliff Bar and always a black coffee. Today I didn’t snack but we were treated to lattes at work, I had a gingerbread latte, soy, no whip!


2011-11-16 15.41.42 

Dinner is where I really get creative and I could cook anything the only rules are I try to make it healthy and filling by using lean protein, lots of veggies, a little healthy fat, and whole grains! Today I made Italian Mac and Cheese and it was so good! I swapped the half and half for soy milk obviously and used light cheddar cheese. I also added in some hot Italian sausage! It was amazing. I had roasted balsamic asparagus on the side.



Roasted Balsamic Asparagus (Serves 2)

  • 12 spears asparagus
  • 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • salt and pepper


Cut woody ends off asparagus and toss in vinegar and season with salt and pepper to taste. Spread out on cookie sheet and roast at 275 degrees for 25 minutes flipping half way.


After dinner I usually have green tea and if I have something homemade baked on hand like muffins or banana or pumpkin bread I have some of that! I baked Mama Pea’s chocolate chip zucchini bread from her cookbook and it was delish! I used soy milk instead of oil and reduced the sugar by 1/4 cup. It was seriously good!




I try not to snack in the evenings but I do it’s usually baked pita chips and hummus/salsa, or if I am not trying to be healthy kettle chips or nachos! 


So this is generally the way my eating goes on a day to day basis the only difference being that on the weekends I tend not to eat lunch and have a green monster instead with frozen fruit, spinach, chia seeds, and Greek yogurt. If I had time to make a green monster everyday if I had a good blender that didn’t take forever I totally would. I try to have them occasionally throughout the week when I have time.


Overall I am a firm believer in eating REAL food, I don’t believe in dieting or special meal replacements. I think that if you practice moderation, good portion sizes, and eat well 90% of the time then that is the key to loosing weight and maintaining it.


What do you eat in the run of a day? I would love to see more posts like this!

Any favourite recipes to share?


4 thoughts on “Me For A Day

  1. Great post sweetie 🙂 I really enjoyed it! Always interesting to see how another blogger eats throughout the day 😀 xo

    I really like the sounds of that zucchini bread! AND oat bran is an obsession of mine 😀 So creamy 🙂

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