Monday Mantra: Eat 5

Last week’s mantra of enjoying a staycation went really well, I gave a recap yesterday. I truly took the time to relax, not worry, and enjoy every moment!  Today was our last day. I got up, worked out, and Bruce and I went shopping! We hit up Costco to get our normal groceries and I finally ordered my graduation picture prints for my mom. I also had thank-you cards printed to give out to family and friends for celebrating my graduation with me! I cannot wait to see how they turn out in-person but here is the proof.




After that we headed to the mall where I got a new winter coat, took an old coat for alternations, got a new pair of pants and sweater, a cooling rack for baking, and placed an order for an engraved business card holder my mom wanted to get me for graduating. Currently my business cards are just tossed in my wallet so it will be nice to have a real holder for them! After that we came home, ate dinner, and relaxed. It was so nice to spend the day shopping together then relaxing! A great end to a great staycation!


Monday Mantra: Eat Five

As with any vacation I haven’t exactly eaten the best over the last few days. Late night munching, dinners out, and parties have ruined my normal healthy eating habits. Starting tomorrow my goal is at least 5 fruits and vegetables every day. While that is normal eating for me, I want to use this mantra to make sure I get back to my normal routine after a great vacation!


How do you get back into a routine after a vacation?

What are your 5 favourite fruits and veggies?


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