Connect A Little Learn A Lot

So today I completed another 25 for 25 goal, I attended my first ever Human Resources Professionals of Newfoundland event. I have been a member for almost a year but finally decided to head to event and I am surprised how much I learned.


2011-11-09 14.46.38


The speaker was great, I learned a lot. However, what I really enjoyed was getting to connect with other HR professionals and chat with them. I talked to them about the professional designation (CHRP), how they approached it, and what they thought helped them. All great advice I will use when I decide to write mine. We also discussed Master’s programs and the challenges of working full-time while doing one. All in all I really enjoyed my networking experience with these people. It was great to learn from more experienced HR people, as a new graduate I need all the help I can get! I will definitely be attending more of these events, I am hoping they do one on recruitment best practices in the near future! Okay enough HR geeking out for one day!


I am officially on staycation, love my job, but a break is needed! So far I have gone to body pump and the back of my right quad cramped so bad during lunges I had to put my bar down. It still hurts so I am hoping yoga (with my mom) tomorrow will help! After class I did 35 minutes on the elliptical then came home and baked these treats. I had planned to go shopping tomorrow afternoon but turns out it is 20% off night at the mall and there is no way I am going near that craziness.


Do you ever attend professional development events? Find them useful?

What’s your favourite cookie recipe?

Do you go to discount nights or do you hate crowds? I can’t deal with crowds at all! Plus I firmly believe they mark prices up! I think I’ll just go to Chapters and get some new books instead.