Monday Mantra: Enjoy A Staycation

I would just like to say first of all that I am kind of in love with daylight savings. This shot is from my morning run, it was sunny and I was feeling very little pain on my almost 3 miles in 30 minutes. I am slow these days but pain free and that’s what matters. I will get back to where I was!


2011-11-08 07.37.15


Anyways with that being said an update on last week. I set a goal to complete one of my 25 for 25 and I happy to say I did! I cooked outside of my comfort zone, Julia Child would have been proud! I poached my very first egg, I was terrified but using instructions from here, it was a success! I have never had a poached egg before and I loved it. They may not look pretty but they tasted good. I am going to be completing another 25 for 25 tomorrow which I am happy about, more on that then! I am making it my mission to be more mindful of my list and keep on track!




Monday Tuesday Mantra: Enjoy a Staycation


So starting tomorrow at 5pm I am on vacation until Tuesday, a staycation as I have been referring to it, as we are not travelling this time. It’s so adult to me to have holidays to use, I only graduated the spring so I am still getting used to this full-time job / adult thing. I can’t seriously believe I have been there almost 5 months, time flies when your having fun! So anyways I am just taking a few days to relax, do a few things around the house, and have some fun! So my goal this week is to take advantage of every moment of my time off, I love my job, but I am excited to have a break and take some time to relax!


P.S – Updated my blogroll – check it out!


What fun things have you done on your staycations?

What’s the most “out of your comfort zone” thing you’ve ever cooked?

Any tips on how to make poached eggs look pretty?


4 thoughts on “Monday Mantra: Enjoy A Staycation

  1. I really enjoy staycations but don’t take them enough!! This morning has been a bit of a mini staycation since I took the whole day off work today but we can’t leave until Eric is done school at 1:00 PM. I rolled out of bed late and started my run at 7:30 am instead of 5:30 am and then leisurely read blogs while sipping my coffee. It was LOVELY!

    Enjoy your staycation!!

    • That sounds lovely and exactly what I will be doing on my staycation!

      Thanks, enjoy your Florida vacation! I am sure it will be much more exciting then my staycation! 🙂

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