Workout Plans Oct 17–23

I was on top of the world on Monday, I ran 4.85 miles which is the longest I have run since my injury. The long distance running high was back and I was so happy. Then about an hour later after the endorphins disappeared I was in pain and told myself I was stiff, even though the little voice inside my head knew better. The next day on the treadmill I was in agony and knew then I had overdone it. When I had physio on Wednesday and told her what had happened as the words came out of my mouth I knew I sounded crazy. I am trying to recover from a very difficult to heal running injury. I started to laugh during my telling her this because I knew I sounded like both a lunatic and an exercise addict. Who runs almost 5 miles on an injured IT band and calls it an easy run …. really!? I am neither a lunatic or an exercise addict … I am a goal orientated type A personality who when she sets her mind on a 10k race in November doesn’t give in very easily.


So I explained where I was coming from and the race I wanted to do and she said she understood. However, I had to spend a few days resting after my little 8 miles in 2 days adventure or I was going to make things a whole lot worse. I told her if she wanted me to stop running I would … no questions asked. So I was told I was allowed one easy run (less then 2 miles was specified this time) and after my few days of rest as much elliptical, arc trainer, bike, and swimming as I wanted…yippee! haha So being sensible I took my 3 days rest then added an extra day because I stayed up too late on Friday to be functional on Saturday and here’s where I ended up for the week: 


Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Minutes) 40 min 32 min    20 min tread 29 min  15 min tread  
Elliptical / Arc (Min)     35 min arc  20 min ellip   35 min  ellip  
Class      Body Pump Body Flow   Body Pump  Yoga PC 
Swimming             1 hour 
Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Miles) 4.85 3.17         4.5
Swimming (meters)              
Total Miles this week: 12.52            



My plan and what happened don’t really add up at all this week and I am learning to be okay with it, as much as I can be given my personality. Smile Sometimes things don’t go as planned, it’s a big lesson to learn when you spend your whole life making plans. But you learn to figure it out, adapt, and move on. I have a lot going on these days between work, running (and non-running activities), various goals and commitments, and life. I am learning very quickly that life post-graduation isn’t as shiny, wonderful, and carefree as I thought it would be.  When you’re in University you keep thinking “I’ve never been so stressed out in my whole life but the light is at the end of the tunnel and when I graduate it will all go away”. That’s not the case at all but all these lessons that I am learning I am grateful for, they make me a better person every day. I try and wake up every morning with a smile on my face and ready to take on whatever challenges come my way. Though this is a challenging time I don’t feel burdened, I feel blessed!


So here are my workout challenges for this week, if they happen that’s great and if some of them don’t then that’s okay to!

Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Minutes)     15 min 15 min 24 min (OUTSIDE YAY)    
Elliptical / Arc (Min) 40 min 50 min 20 min 20 min   50 min   
Class        Body Pump Body Flow Body Pump Yoga PC 
Swimming             1 hour


I am ready to take on this week with everything I have and when some things don’t go my way I will try and remember just how lucky I am. Myself and Bruce went with my dad today to look at a piece of family land we may potentially build a house on in a few years time when it’s ready. I saw this view (below) and fell in love, I’ve never felt so lucky and whether we ever get to build there or end up somewhere else I still realize that I am very fortunate! Have a great week everyone! Smile




What are you grateful for today?


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