Gear Roundup

Since I have started running and working out more seriously I have collected a few pieces of gear that I absolutely love.  So I figured I’d do a post talking about some of my favourite items!

Run: All Sport Shorts

Just recently when I was in Toronto I picked up my first pair of pair LuLulemon shorts, pictured below:



I got them on sale at the Lulu outlet in the Von Mills Mall for $38.00 (reg $52.00). They have been great, they don’t ride up or chafe and have 3 secret pockets for gu or keys. The colour is really pretty as well, grey and light pink! Lulu is expensive and I don’t have a ton of it but the things I do have are very useful for a particular reason like these shorts and worth the money. I don’t spend money just because it has lulu written on it, I have to have a specific reason for buying it!


Water Resistant Spibelt

I love love love my Spibelt. I always hated running with my iPod and phone in my hand and my key in my shoe. I had heard about the Spibelt from Tina at Carrots ‘n’ Cake. I pondered the purchase for awhile because I felt like I was paying $20 – $25 for a glorified fanny pack but I bought it in July and I have worn it basically on every run since. It keeps my hands free so I can zone out and just enjoy my run and it doesn’t bounce. I find when running anything including shoe laces brushing against each other or my hair bouncing around drives me crazy. So it is important that I can carry things around with no bounce! Plus, it holds a ton: my keys, phone, iPod…whatever I need.


I bought the water resistant version because I live in Newfoundland and it rains every other day and from the research I did even sweat can destroy your phone and iPod in the normal one so beware! Some reviewers said they found the water resistant one harder to zip open and close but I’ve had no issues and I’ve opened and closed it during a race!




This is the app I use to GPS track my mileage and speed. I have used it for running, walking, and cycling. I find it fairly accurate though it disconnects from the satellite occasionally it is the best one I have found. It keeps a history, tracks mile splits, and maps my routes. Though I am hoping Santa (Bruce) gives me a Garmin for Christmas! : ) 



Triumph Tote

Another Lulu purchase and worth EVERY penny this bag holds everything from my work laptop and planner to a change of clothes, gym gear, and my lunch. I leave the house every morning with it jam packed with everything I need for the day and I no longer need to carry 3 different bags to hold everything I need. The best parts about this bag are the many compartments (labeled for tunes, passport, phone, chocolate (most important)), the separate compartment for sweaty gym clothes, removable shoe bag, and padded section for my laptop.



What are your favourite pieces of workout gear? What’s on your wish list?

I want a Garmin Forerunner 305 and Bondi Bands (Will run for wine)!


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