Monday Mantra: Just One Thing A Day

Before we get into this week’s Mantra I wanted to share with you one of the best parts of Thanksgiving, left over turkey to make homemade soup!

2011-10-10 15.14.01


Last week I committed to the mantra: this to shall pass. I will say it was a success because I got through a whole week of no running with no problems. That’s not to say I wasn’t itching to hit the road but I was able to talk myself out of it with my mantra and remind myself that I was taking this time to heal. I have to keep this one in the back of my mind as I continue to work through healing my IT band.


I went for my first run in a week yesterday and another one today. Today I managed a whole 4.85 miles. I still feel a little pain and stiffness but no where near what I did so I needed that week off from running. Here are a few pictures from today’s run around the harbour, it was beautiful out and the weather couldn’t have been better.

2011-10-10 13.06.59


2011-10-10 13.07.11

Monday Mantra: Just One Thing A Day

My house is out of control. I wish that statement was a joke but between the long hours we both work, various commitments, running schedules, and finding 5 minutes to myself a day my beloved house has gotten out of control. The mess and lack of organization stresses me out…yet not enough to find the energy to do anything about it. I tried the list method, I’ve tried bargaining with myself, and I’ve tried schedules…nothing works I just hate cleaning. So as a last ditch effort to de-clutter I’ve developed a new method – just do one thing a day, that’s it. No elaborate schemes to reorganize half the house every day. If I can accomplish one thing everyday, big or small then I consider this method to be successful!


What do you hope to accomplish this week?

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