A Trip to the Harbour for the Holidays

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, myself and Bruce have headed around the bay to his hometown Fox Harbour for the long weekend. We arrived last night and just spent the evening relaxing and this morning I woke up, did a yoga podcast and then created a little working area for myself where I spent the afternoon catching up on work, blogging, and reading!




I also enjoyed one of my favourite pleasures of traveling outside the city, hot perked coffee and toast made with white bread. There is just something about refined carbs and being around the harbour that just feels right. I will always be a city girl at heart so this is the townie version of toast and tea in my mind. The only tea I ever drink is green!




As a side note, I actually listed to a podcast today from the nutrition diva on the minimal nutritional differences between refined carbs and whole grains. The real benefit is in moderation of either so in my mind that makes this treat okay!


We went for a drive this afternoon up to the main highway to get coffee, it was a gorgeous day for a drive.

2011-10-08 15.25.25


Tomorrow marks 1 full week since I last ran and I get to go for a run! I am really excited about it, though tonight I am drinking wine and playing board games so it should be an interesting run tomorrow. I’ll update you on how that goes tomorrow! I have a lot of great posts lined up for this week including a new mantra and a gear review so look for that! Tomorrow will be a special Thanksgiving post plus my usual Sunday workout plans. Enjoy your weekend! : )


What are your plans for the weekend?


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