Workout Plan and Monday Mantra Oct 3 – 9

So I have been all over the place the last 2 weeks with planning and working out because of my injury. So we are going to pretend like it didn’t happen and just move on, sound good? Okay, glad we’re clear on that.


Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Minutes)           30 min  
Elliptical / Arc (Min) 30 min 34 min (arc) 35 min 40 min (arc) 41 min (arc)    
Class      Body Pump Body Flow   Yoga PC Yoga PC
Swimming 1 hour             


So I have one run planned for this week and lots of cross training. I am trying not to complain but this is going to be rough week for me in terms of no running. I’ll get through it but I won’t enjoy it! So that’s where this week’s Mantra comes from.


This week is necessary because after yesterday’s race I am still in a significant amount of pain in my right IT Band. However, I did notice that despite the pain I still felt aerobically strong which means that my continued work though less running is helping me stay strong. I really didn’t feel that out of shape and I also felt for the first time like I had learned the concept of pacing. Previously I had always gone fairly fast and then needed to slow down. Yesterday I felt like I hit a comfortable pace and was able to stay there which was great.


Monday Mantra: This To Shall Pass

I need to spend this week having patience and giving my IT Band time to heal. That means cross-training, yoga, physio, and telling myself over and over again as my mantra that this to shall pass and if I can’t run the 10k in November there’s always next year!! I need to spend this time healing and gaining strength!


What are your goals this week?

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