Race Recap: Run for the Cure 2011

So the night before today’s race started out like the last one – setting out and organizing all my gear. The weather was uncertain so I laid out several options and took an extra change of cloths in my LuLu bag in case it rained.  Turns out that was a great idea because it poured!! As a side note that LuLu bag is new and I am in love, it carries my whole life around in it everyday from work to the gym! 




When I woke up this morning it was overcast and wet. I ate my breakfast and got ready and by that point it started to pour. However, it was warm out at this time. By the time we drove to the start line the wind had changed and it was freezing. I made my way to the start line on my own because while I was there with family they were walking and I had planned to run. The race started and it was a good 2 minutes before I could actually get going with the crowds.


2011-10-02 10.09.22


The course itself was beautiful. I just wish it wasn’t raining and cold, I was soaking wet and freezing! Even with my injured IT Band I just kept my pace slow and steady and took a few walking breaks. I felt a little pain throughout and I am pretty sore this evening. My splits were:

Mile One: 10:40

Mile Two: 10:04

Mile Three to finish: 9: 16

2011-10-02 10.20.21


2011-10-02 10.37.07


I finished according to my GPS at 29:10, a little over a minute slower then my race three weeks ago. But I’m injured so I am still really happy with my time. The Run for the Cure is a fun race not one where you are looking to go flat out and PR. It’s inspiring and fun to run but there aren’t many serious runners there. I would definitely do it again though all the same and plan to make it a yearly event just because it’s a great cause.


2011-10-02 10.37.14


2011-10-02 09.53.19

Myself, stepmom’s Sister, and my stepmom


After the race we all went out to breakfast at Lester’s Farm and it was delicious. I had at least 4 cups of coffee trying to warm up! I would definitely recommend eating there if you are local!


So the next 5 days involve a lot of cardio machines and very little running as I have got to heal my IT band if I want a shot at racing in November. I’ll post my plans in the next day or so but I have a very boring but necessary week coming up!


Did you race this weekend? If so how did it go?


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