And Then I Got Injured

Almost 3 weeks ago I ran my first race ever. I was in the best shape of my life …and then I got injured, I tweaked my IT band. I am getting back on my feet but my training plan last week was basically scrapped, I still worked out but it was altered big time … if you follow me on daily mile you can see the results. I feel at this point I am about 80% recovered.


So I have a 5K this weekend that I am not sure yet if I am running or walking but will be doing either way! If you’d like to donate to the Run for the Cure there’s still time, it’s a great cause and every bit counts. I start physiotherapy Thursday so stay tuned for results. So because I was sidelined from training at probably the best time of year (weather wise) I have learned a few lessons on how to cope with an injury:


1. Consult a professional early – The first thing I should have done is head to physiotherapy. I resisted because I have gone through physiotherapy before and I really didn’t have a great experience. However, they know what they’re doing (if you can find a good one). They are also able to get you back on your feet quicker and that’s the main goal!


2. Find alternate sources of exercise – After talking to your doctor / physiotherapist they should be able to provide you with a different means of exercise. For me I have been on the elliptical, back in the pool, and cycling (for the first time ever). Not only does this keep your aerobic fitness high it also allows you to get back to cross-training. Which if you’re injured you’re probably not doing enough of anyways, I know I wasn’t!


3. Catch up on your life – Training takes up a lot of time, especially when it requires fitting in 2 workouts a day. Take advantage of this time to actually have energy to catch up on the things you have been meaning to lately. I’ve been catching up on reading and housework all week so I have been productive and I feel better about that. Though as usual I still have tons to do!


4. Reach out to the running community for advice – I have been taking every piece of advice I have gotten from the running community through Twitter, other blogs, and twitter chats such as #fitblog and #runchat and finding out more! The support and advice I have received has been invaluable if you have any other advice please leave a comment!


5. Know that this to shall pass – My friend the running coach told me that you aren’t officially part of the running club until you get one of these nagging injuries and that once your healed you’ll be better for it. I couldn’t agree more, I now know my IT band is a problem area so I will use whatever advice I get from my physiotherapist to ensure it doesn’t get injured again. I will also cross-train, do yoga regularly, foam roll, and strengthen those muscles!


All so I can get back to where I want to be….here:


2011-09-26 19.13.02


How do you deal with an injury?


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