Race Panic

As I have mentioned I am planning on running my very first 5k in September. I was just looking at local races and triathlons online and dreaming of one day aspiring to run a marathon or a triathlon. These goals are way down the road but one day maybe. Smile Anyways I happened to look  make the mistake of looking at the 2010 results from the race I am running. The last finisher was at 36 minutes. Right now I am running 5k on a treadmill in that time, that’s with a/c and no hills. So now I am panicking! I did my first outside run in forever on Wednesday morning.



This is what it was like out, humid, and damp. It was a challenge to do the 4.2 k I managed in 29 minutes. I did (as per my plan) jog 2 walk 1. I am just worrying now because I am afraid I will finish last and look like an idiot. The race I plan to run also has the title provincial championship in it which makes it even more intimidating (anyone can run it though). There’s another 5k sooner that is just a normal non-championship but I am in Toronto that weekend so I can’t run that one. I’m wondering if I should just do the Run for the Cure in October as my first race because people walk that one so I know I won’t finish last. Or maybe I am just being silly and should just trust my training (and practice the race route repeatedly). I know lots of people jump in and do a half marathon for their first race but that’s just me. I like to do things in order and build my confidence. I am not the jump in without knowing type as you can tell I plan everything.


So I have 51 days till the race and my question to you my readers – I know you’re out there I see the site stats – what do you think? If you are seasoned racer can you offer advice? If you are a newbie like me – are you scared to? I can’t be alone on this.

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