Monday Mantra: Work Smarter Not Harder

So first an update on last week. My back on track week couldn’t have went better! I didn’t miss one workout so I was really proud. I felt strong and I felt like I was back on track in terms of fitness. In terms of eating I followed my meal plan to the tee, my only real goal with that was to eat well and not eat takeout I had no limitations otherwise. I don’t diet I just try and make the best choices so last week was a success!


Monday Mantra Six: Work Smarter Not Harder

So this week I plan on again do my best to stick to my plan but not only that I want to take this goal to another level. I want to improve my technique with running. I am going to have to do a little research on this so if anyone has any suggestions they would be appreciated. I also really want to work on my technique in Body Pump, Body Flow, and in my other strength training. I want to be really mindful that I am lifting and working out for both optimum results and safety.



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