Monday Mantra: Back on Track Week

Last week’s mantra went great. I stuck to the cleaning off of my makeup every night but once. I started moisturizing but discovered that it breaks me out so I need to try something different there (any suggestions?). I wore sunscreen twice … so that’s my area for improvement! My skin is improving and if I keep it up I think it will be almost perfect in a few weeks, so I am happy!

Monday Mantra Five: Back on Track Week

I have a feeling these back on track mantras will happen occasionally, the reason being is that occasionally you need to dedicate a whole week to getting back on track with exercise and eating well. I have been off track in my mind since I left for Florida in late April. I was away 3 weeks and did some exercise but not much and ate terribly. When I returned I had convocation from university which meant eating bad and no time for exercise. Then it was off to Calgary and Toronto on business for a week. Finally, when I came home I got great news in the form of a job offer – which I took and started last week. So there’s my pile of excuses, which really shouldn’t be excuses because that’s life. I had lots of opportunity to exercise and eat well in all that time I just decided I didn’t want to or it was too hard or whatever.

So this week I am dedicating my mantra to getting back on track. I did what I consider to be good on my workouts last week. It was a crazy week with starting a new job and my birthday so I did two days of running on Tuesday (20 minutes – 2 miles) and Wednesday (35 minutes – 3 miles). I got there I did it and sometimes you take the win when you can. This week will hopefully see big improvements, I already got a great start today.




  • Body Pump (done!)
  • 30 min run (done!)


  • 30 min run


  • 20 min run + 15 min strength
  • swimming night


  • Body Flow
  • 30 min run


  • 30 min run


  • Body flow


  • Body Pump
  • 40 min run


So that’s the plan for this week. You may notice that I stopped writing out my “plan” for my run. Well I do still have one but I am now working with a friend of mine who has been working closely with a running coach so he’s made my plan for each run. Have a great week!

PS – > If you use daily mile add me and follow my progress! : )


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