Monday (Tuesday) Mantra: Skintimate

So as usual first an update on my h20 challenge last week. I definitely did a great job of making sure I was getting my 8 glasses of water a day, however, I don’t feel like I got the full benefit of the goal because I was sick. I definitely feel like it helped me fight off my cold though, fluid in general does a good job of that anyways. In either case I’m glad I did this mantra last week because we are feeling the heat here in Newfoundland (finally!) this week so staying hydrated is important and now I feel like I have created a better habit.

Monday Mantra Four: Skintimate

I started this week’s challenge as planned on Monday, you just didn’t hear about it because well…life happened! So my goal this week is to take care of my biggest organ, my skin. I am guilty of falling asleep most nights with my make-up still on, not wearing sunscreen daily, and not moisturizing enough. For someone who has problematic, dry, and acne-prone skin these are all huge don’ts! So this week I am going to try and do my best to create some good new habits for taking care of my skin! I’ll be making sure to take off my make-up every night, moisturizing, and using sunscreen. In addition to this I am considering trying out some natural skin products eventually, so if anyone has anything they could recommend I’d love to hear suggestions!

Enjoy your week! Smile

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