Everything Changes

Well it has been a crazy week – my summer plans have changed. I can’t get into it publicly yet but I will have some news to share on here soon enough. This next week promises to be just as hectic. I’ll get through it I know, but for me it is difficult to deal with the unknown.

So because I had so many crazy things come up this week I missed workouts on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Saturday was my rest day, my birthday party didn’t happen because of above mentioned events so today I got my butt back to the gym for a 53 minute run. I ran 4.2 miles and it felt great to take some of that stress out through running.

Here is the plan for this week (subject to change due to an upcoming crazy week):


  • Body Pump


  • Run 53 minutes (Run 10 walk 1 with 10 minutes of warm up and cool down @ 5.0)


  • Body Pump


  • Body Flow

Friday and Saturday: heading out of town for Canada Day and some R&R!

This weeks plan is light due to what I know will be a really hectic week. In addition to that I feel a cold creeping on so I am craving comfort food and blankets. Hopefully the green monster I had today will zap the germs away! I am off to curl up and await the premier of True Blood!


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