Monday Mantra: Gettin’ My 8 Hours of Zzz’s

Well before we get into this week’s goal I’ll give you the update on last week’s Monday Mantra. So my goal last week was to de-clutter my house and it was a total success! I managed to de-clutter my kitchen, closets, bedroom, and office. With each space cleared of junk I felt a little lighter and a little proud. I can actually find things now! Plus as an added bonus I found a few things I had been looking for/forgot existed.

Not only did I gain a lot from this goal but I made sure other’s less fortunate then me did as well. Out of my stuff alone I filled a bag of clothes and household items that we no longer needed to donate to charity. I actually found 3 can openers in the kitchen, seriously how does that even happen? haha In addition to the bag of stuff I filled a bag of recycled paper from my office and one bag of garbage. That’s three garbage bags of stuff out of my life. I feel as light as a feather!

The only room I didn’t get done that I hadn’t originally set out to do but mid-week decided it may be a good idea was the third bedroom aka the forgotten bedroom. I never even think to go in there but I have a closet full of childhood stuff that needs sorting so I am hoping to get to that this week.

Now that my whole house is clutter free it needs to be cleaned throughly this week. That can’t be a mantra because that’s just part of life. haha

Monday Mantra Two: Gettin’ My 8 Hours of Zzz’s

So this week my goal is to get 8 hours of Zzz’s by going to bed at a reasonable hour and not staying up late because I can then sleeping in. I need to get back into some reasonable sleeping pattern. The only exception to this rule will probably be the weekend because I am having my birthday party so I know this will be a late night but I am planning in advance by getting lots of rest this week.


I think we could all use a little more sleep in our lives. Enjoy your week!

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