Getting Back on Track

This has been a really odd week for me in terms of exercise. Ever since I graduated I just cannot seem to get into some sort of routine where I go to the gym. My last year of university I had a very strict schedule of when I would go for a run, strength train or go to Pilates. My days were literally scheduled by the hour. I was either in class, working, at the gym, or studying. Now that I have all the free time in the world (almost) I can’t seem to get it together to go for a run.

I have always considered myself a type A personality. I am all about being organized, scheduling everything, and making to-do lists. Nothing gives me more satisfaction then to cross something off my list! I think that even though I don’t have a schedule anymore like my university one maybe I should still have a few things scheduled everyday like the gym so I actually get those things accomplished?

Maybe I should even list my planned workouts on a separate page here to keep track. May not be such a bad idea. Anything that keeps me accountable will help keep me balanced and hopefully get me back on track.

In other news my sweet tooth is certainly getting its share of balance I made these last night for my family and friends and there is now 1 left in my kitchen calling my name. They were amazing, so good in fact that I added them to my menu for my 25th birthday party! : ) Try them – you won’t be sorry!


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