My name is Heidi, I am a 24 year old recent graduate of Memorial University. I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op) and Bachelor of Arts in English. I reside in St. John’s Newfoundland with my boyfriend.

University was an exciting adventure in my life and I am a proud Memorial University Alumni. However, as a young undergrad I developed some very poor eating and exercise habits. I would eat typical fried fare and exercise when I felt like it. Over about a 7 year period I gained about 25 pounds and decided that it was time to get my act together so 1 year ago I began a journey one that I now plan to continue here.

I made it my mission to make healthy eating and exercise part of my life for good instead of something I just did occasionally. I saw a nutritionist and began exercising regularly. I tried many different exercise options but have found that running in combination with strength training, elliptical, swimming, and yoga/pilates/tai chi to be the magic combination that I love.

To date I have lost 19 pounds and have a goal to lose another 10 – 20. This blog is about my journey as a new grad, exercise lover, and a way to keep accountable and share my journey to finding balance in health and life.


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