Monday Mantra: Time to de-clutter

Welcome to the first Monday Mantra. Every Monday I plan to set a goal for myself for the week to help me towards my bigger goal of balance in health and life. It could be anything as small as making sure I floss everyday to something as big as giving up Facebook for a week (yes I would consider this to be a big challenge haha). I will post my goal and thoughts on Monday and then follow-up on the results next Monday when I set a new goal.

Monday Mantra One: Time to de-clutter

Bruce and I bought our first home 2 years ago this December. At the time we had moved from an apartment. When we made the move I remember being shocked at the amount of stuff we had accumulated in one small space. Well now we’ve tripled our square footage and I feel like we are back to square one again: an unorganized mess.

I have been traveling a lot lately and shopping in every city I have been to. I returned Friday from a trip to Calgary and Toronto and discovered I actually had nowhere to put the new clothes I bought. It seems like a good complaint to have but it’s not seeing as I basically wear the same 20 things over and over again. So yesterday I started day one of my de-clutter project I tackled my dressers. Then I figured while I’m at it I should just do the whole house.

Other mini-projects in this big goal are:

  • My office
  • The front closet
  • The kitchen drawers

When I finished the dressers yesterday I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders. The clutter has literally been dragging me down. So today I hope to tackle the office. Wish me luck!


One thought on “Monday Mantra: Time to de-clutter

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